Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q. How can I receive my new Bangladesh Passport after arriving from DIP, Dhaka?

A. After receiving your new passport from DIP, Dhaka the express takes some time during sending and receiving, if you need your new passport (ready to be delivered) urgently, please come to the Embassy physically those are holding old passport & money receipt. If you want to receive your new passport by post, please send your original old passport, money receipt & return address in Chinese Language with name and mobile number by SF Express/EMS.

Q. How to submit the documents to the Embassy (Visa/Passport/Attestation)?

A. Applicants can submit by physically or post.

Q. How to apply documents to the Embassy (Visa/Passport/Attestation) by physically?

A. Who wants to apply physically must be need to come to the Embassy Counter (9:00-12:00).

Q. How to apply documents to the Embassy (Visa/Passport/Attestation) by post?

A. Please follow the “Bank details for postal service” option.

Q. How can send the documents to the Embassy (Visa/Passport/Attestation) by post?

A. You can send by EMS/SF Express.

Q. Can I pay by We-chat/ALIPAY?

A. No, Embassy only can receive cash in the counter who submit documents by physically.

Q. Can I apply for visa by online without submit application to Embassy?

A. No.

Q. When start the process of my documents (Visa/Passport/Attestation) who sent by post?

A. After receiving the documents and found all are correct and withdraw the consular fees from bank.

Q. Do I need to make an appointment for my documents (Visa/Passport/Attestation) before visiting the Embassy?

A. No.

Q. Can I print visa application form and fill it with a pen?

A. No, only filled in online visa application accepted with upload photo.