Bank details for postal service:

If anyone wants to submit consular fees by post, the fee needs to be sent by “Money Order” from any head branch (which area you are living) of “Postal Savings Bank of China” and the money order should be addressed to “The Embassy of The People’s Republic of Bangladesh in China” in Chinese language as under:


  • 通过邮递形式递交申请的申请人,须在使馆官网在线填写签证申请表之前前往任何一家中国邮政储蓄银行,将申请费依照如下信息汇至使馆。
  • 在银行柜台汇款后,须将银行柜员提供的“邮政储蓄银行汇款收据”的复印件连同申请材料一并通过中国邮政或顺丰快递寄至使馆。汇款后,申请人无需致电使馆询问是否收到汇款。如遇问题,使馆会致电申请人。

              Information shall be filled out in Remittance Application Form as below:

  • Route of remittance/汇款方式:地址汇款
  • Payee/收款人姓名: 孟加拉人民共和国驻华大使馆
  • Address of Payee/收款人地址:北京市朝阳区光华路四十二号
  • Remark/附言:此处填申请人的护照号码

NOTE: The Embassy also receives cash as consular fee between 9:00 hrs-12:00 hrs at the consular counter. If anyone wants to pay in consular counter no need to do money order. People can come directly to deposit money at the counter to save the time.

All documents and the receipt of money order are required to be sent to “Consular Section, Embassy of Bangladesh, Beijing-100600, China, Phone: 010-65322521” by courier service along with return address of the visa applicant in Chinese and a valid mobile number of the applicant. The Embassy strongly recommends mailers to use SF Express/EMS courier. 

Chinese Address and phone number for sending documents by post is as following: 

电话: 010-65322521